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Moving Up hold second Employability Weekend

This piece was originally published on Muscular Dystrophy UK’s website on November 10, 2018.

On November 3rd and 4th the Moving Up team ran their second Employability Weekend in London Stratford. The theme of the weekend was ‘Building Confidence and Breaking Barriers’ with sessions on recognising your skills and how to manage your health at work. The attendees were all aged 16-30 and had a range of disabilities and experiences. The weekend included free accommodation and an evening social.

The weekend kicked off with a confidence building session from PUSH Talks, who held a session at the previous weekend, and left everyone feeling inspired and enthusiastic. This session helped break-down a common feeling among young disabled people, that whoever hires them is doing them a huge favour. Moj Taylor helped everyone realise how they add value to an organisation which resonated with many of the attendees.

Martyn Sibley, the 4th most influential disabled person in the UK, held a very inspiring talk about all he has done while managing his health and disability. This showed the attendees that they should aim as high as they want to regardless of their disability. The rest of the weekend included sessions such as Disability Employment Rights and Tips on Travelling to Work which was delivered by Transport for London.

Haleemah who attended the weekend said:

I really enjoyed the weekend, it was very well organised and great fun!

Lauren West, Trailblazers Manager commented:

The Employability Weekend was fantastic and it was great to meet new young disabled people who are passionate about learning new skills and are preparing for future employment.

Emma Vogelmann, Employability Officer who ran the weekend said:

I think everyone really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot out of it. The young disabled people I work with in this project often just need to realise how much value they have and that any employer would be lucky to have them – the weekend definitely made that point loud and clear!
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