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Moving Up launches Mentoring Programme

This piece was originally published on Muscular Dystrophy UK’s website on September 5, 2018.

The Moving Up project is excited to announce the launch of a brand new Mentoring program. The Moving Up team saw a need to provide ongoing careers development advice to participants past the duration of their placement. This program will match the young disabled people on Moving Up with a mentor who provide support and advice for six months.

Members of the Moving Up team are hopeful the program will carry on the momentum and confidence that participants gain when they are on placements and find paid work if that is their goal. Isabel Baylis, Work Experience Development Officer said:

We work really closely with the young people on Moving Up to put them in the best possible position to find work. When placements end, we don’t want support to end and that’s why we wanted to launch the Mentoring program. We want to make sure all participants who would benefit from longer term support with someone in a similar field have that opportunity.

Jamie Hale who is currently doing a placement with the MDUK Campaigns team said:

Working with a mentor following my Moving Up placement would be an incredible opportunity. I would be keen to build on the skills I’ve developed in this placement, and would really benefit from focused support from someone working in the field I hope to move into.

If you are a London based professional and are interested in becoming a Mentor, please email Emma Vogelmann on

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