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Trailblazers on Cervical Screening Awareness Week

In honour of Cervical Screening Awareness Week (10 – 16 June) Trailblazers would like to reinforce our commitment to ensuring disabled women* have equal access to the service. Since writing to the Minister for Health in January with support from Heidi Allen MP, we have continued to work on this issue despite a lack of support from Government.

In early May, Trailblazers launched a survey to gain a full understanding of disabled women’s experiences when trying to access their cervical screenings. The findings of this survey will be revealed in a report later this year, however the overwhelming result is that women are missing this vital health screening due to a lack of hoist equipment at GP surgeries. Trailblazer Fiona Anderson and Trailblazers Campaigns Officer Michaela Hollywood were featured in iNews discussing their difficulties and inability to access their screening.

The survey has received over 100 responses to date and will be kept open for a short while longer to allow as many women as possible to share their experiences and inform the campaign. If this issue impacts you, please fill out our survey here.

*Woman is defined in this campaign as anyone who self identifies as a woman and/or have needs associated with cervical/urinary health

This was originally published on 11/06/19 here.

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