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Trailblazers respond to new Government announcement on disability

Today (25 June 2019) new measures were announced by the Prime Minister to “tackle barriers faced by disabled people”. The measures are to “renew” the efforts to ensure disabled people can fully participate in society by focusing on accessible housing and employment. The announcement details plans to release guidance on accessible housing and a consultation on ways employers can better support disabled people next month.

The announcement promises to set up a new team will sit alongside the Government Equalities Office and Race Disparity Unit in a new Equalities Hub at the heart of government. This team is said to work closely with disabled people, disabled people’s organisations and charities to develop a new approach to disability, with their views and experiences at the forefront of any new policy.

Other proposals include:

  1. Guidance to be published to help councils meet current standards for accessible housing in England

  2. A consultation on new measures to help employers better support disabled people and those with long-term health conditions in work

  3. Reforming Statutory Sick Pay so it is better enforced, more flexible to encourage a phased return to work, and covers the lowest paid

  4. New employee rights to request workplace modifications on health grounds

  5. New metrics to compare how well companies deliver for disabled customers in essential markets, such as energy, broadband and water.

  6. New research to ensure disabled people are at the heart of future Government policy, to be published early next year

Muscular Dystrophy UK welcomes the announcement and the plans to tackle barriers faced by disabled people and hope to work closely with Government to support these plans.

Trailblazers manager Lauren West comments:

“We know all too well from our supporters that accessible housing and employment are huge barriers to young disabled people. Only last month we released our report ‘Ready and Able’ on the barriers to employment so we are pleased to hear the Government’s renewed commitment to change this. We look forward to learning more and working with the Government on these proposals to ensure disabled people get the benefits they need to ensure they can live inclusive, independent lives.”
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