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The Wheelchair Activist Podcast

'Wheelchair Activist' Emma Vogelmann interviews incredible members of the disabled community and its' allies, succeeding in all areas of life. Emma will also be covering life as a disabled person with all of it highs, lows and in betweens.

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This channel is coming soon!

A Message from Emma

Like any self-respecting Millennial, I have had so many moments where I've thought "I should start a podcast!" So, here we are! The Wheelchair Activist Podcast will interview incredible unsung disabled heroes succeeding in all areas of life so people know that it is possible. I will also be covering my life as a disabled person with all of it highs, lows and in betweens.

The podcast name, 'The Wheelchair Activist', is a play on words for 'armchair activism'.

Essentially, “armchair activism” is being vocal on social media about causes and campaigns but not going out into the community to volunteer your time or physically lobby politicians. “Armchair activism” is mainly criticised for the lack of effort and therefore presumed lack of conviction needed to post a comment or share an online petition. Sure, it isn’t difficult to be vocal on social media but that does not mean there is no value in it.

“Armchair activism” is sometimes the only type of activism available to people due to numerous limitations such as disability, and therefore should not be criticised.

I have built my career through harnessing this type of dynamic activism. I therefore want to showcase how powerful it is and can be for this amazing community.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it.


Download Season 2 Episode Transcripts

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